* NEW Durankulak Lake hosts mega rare birds from Siberia!

* NEW Great Bustard - another exciting rarity reported from Durankulak.

Branta Tours hosts a mega rare winter visitor!

Long-tailed Duck - The latest addition to our tour programme.

Another unusual Asia Minor highlight reported from Bulgaria

Unusual Asia Minor visitor reported from Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Exciting News from Coastal Dobrudja

Uncommon winter visitors reported from Durankulak

Rare autumn visitors reported from Romania

Visit us at the 1st Birdfair in France

Birdfair 2012

Teddy´s Fatal End

Visit us at the British Birdwatching Fair, Marquee 5, Stand Number 33 and learn more about Wildlife and Bird Watching Trips in Eastern Europe and beyond

Lesser Kestrel - another uncommon highlight reported from north-east Bulgaria

First record of Sub-alpine Warbler in north-east Bulgaria

First successful deployment of satellite transmitter on Red-breasted Goose

Exciting News from Coastal Dobrudja

Rare Sighting from Durankulak

First arrival of Red-breasted Geese in Bulgaria for 2011/2012 winter season

Premier Waterfowl Rehabilitation Aviary in Bulgarian Coastal Dobrudga

Swarovski pile breeding platforms built in Srebarna Biosphere Reserve

Griffon Vulture and Spotted Eagle reported from North-East Bulgaria

Bird Race and Mid-winter Counts in Bulgaria

First record of the Lesser Sand Plover in Bulgaria

Birdfair 2011

Eleonora´s Falcon (Falco eleonorae) reported from southern Bulgaria

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