Pavel Simeonov

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1975 Finished secondary musical school in Sofia. Summa cum laude.
1981 graduated High school of music (Bulgarian Conservatory), specialized in multi-instrumental composing,
1970 - 1975 Attended a training course in field biology in the Palace of Pioneers in Sofia under the guidance of the eminent teacher and lecturer Mrs. Rakhila Melamed.


Qualified as an international expert on environmental and biodiversity conservation projects.
Publications in the field of ornithology: 26
1969 – 1985 Field-research assistant with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Committee for the Protection of Nature.
1975 - 1977 Consultant with the Bulgarian Governmental Studio for the Production of Popular Natural History films and documentaries.
1977 – 2001 Field research assistant with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Ecology and Institute of Zoology: mid-winter census of water birds and raptors; monitoring of autumn migration of soaring birds along Via Pontica as well as many other projects, some of which are listed below including international ones:
1978 Assistant researcher South eastern Bulgaria – Participated in the searching of the last colony of the Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus) in Rhodopi Mountains along with T. Michev, P. Yankov, V. Pomakov and V. Stefanov.
1978-1983 Assistant with the Institute of Ecology field research station “Atanasovsko Lake”
1970 – 1985 Research fellow, together with experts of the Environmental Committee and the Institute of Ecology, carried out detailed studies of the fauna of “Boatin” and “Tzarichina” biosphere reserves as well the avifauna of the “Tissata” and “Atanasovsko Lake” nature reserves.
1980 Participated in the exploration of the Republic of Croatia Dalmatian Region wildlife together with Croatian ornithologists Dr Mladen Krpan and Tzvetan Tzvetanich.
1990-1999 Observations of Sea birds and cetaceans during travels in Western Mediterranean -Participated as a research fellow with a scientific research expedition for the study of the distribution, biology and numbers of the marine birds and cetaceans between France and Corsica, while employed with the “SNCM-FERRYTERRANEE”, the French National Ferry Company.
1992 Founded the NGO “Le Balkan-France” non-profit association
1992-2000 Developed international collaboration with Biological Station “Tour du Valat” in France, Luxembourg League for the Protection of Birds and Nature (LNVL), WWF-Italy, Federation of Regional Conservatories “Espaces naturels de France”, Biological Station “Kreis Wesel” in Germany, LRBPO, FIR, BSBCP etc.
1995 Set up the Foundation “Le Balkan-Bulgaria” working closely with “Le Balkan-France” for the implementation of biodiversity conservation projects.
1996 till present leading numerous wildlife and birdwatching tours in Bulgaria, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Romania, Ukraine, Central Siberia, Corsica...
1999 Participated in a French evaluation feasibility study mission in Belarus, as an expert on East European countries within the framework of bilateral scientific cooperation for the development of eco-tourism concept and twinning activities between the French Park of Voges and Berezinsky Biosphere reserve.
1993 – 2000 Participation in different international conservation and ecological meetings and conferences.
1996-1998 Involved on a fix-term basis as an expert to the international conferences organized by MEDMARAVIS for the preparation of the draft document and the publication of the Convention of Alghero for Coastal and Marine Biodiversity of the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

1996 - 2001 Biodiversity projects: Supervisor in the International service of the French Federation “Espaces naturels de France”.
Since 1998 till present - Head of the Conservation and Monitoring Programme for the conservation of Dalmatian Pelican breeding colony in the Srebarna Biosphere reserve within the framework of the MoEW / Swarovski Optik / Le Balkan-Bulgaria / Tour du Valat joint activities.


- Radars observations on the Autumn Migration of the Soaring Birds;
- Field studies of the Norwegian Ornithofauna along with A.O. Folkestadt;
- Study on the dialect of birds songs and sounds;
- Drafting of scientific reports within the frame of the French GEF(FFEM) biodiversity conservation project in Bulgaria;
- Organization and participation in evaluation missions within the frame of the French GEF biodiversity conservation strategy on the North and South Bulgarian Black Sea coast;
- Leading a feasibility study within the frame of the French GEF biodiversity conservation project in Coastal Dobrudzha;
- Drafting Pelican Action plans 1988, 1999, 2000 and 2001 for monitoring and conservation activities in the Srebarna Biosphere reserve;
- Collecting and analyzing preliminary baseline data for the preparation of a Site Arrangement Plan for the protected area “Durankulak Lake”;
- Drafting seven interim technical and financial reports within the frame of the project “Protection et Valorisation des Ecosystèmes en Dobroudja bulgare”, conducted by “Le Balkan-Bulgaria” Foundation.
- Wildlife guide for foreign visitors
- Consulting assistance to the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, Belarus and different Bulgarian and French Tour-operators in elaborating programmes for wildlife tours for foreign visitors

LANGUAGES: Good command of Bulgarian, Fluent French, Good English, Russian and Croatian


PC; Windows, Word, Excel, CorelDraw


Date of Birth: 15 April 1956
Place of Birth: Sofia, Bulgaria
Nationality: Bulgarian, Italian
Address: 65, Ravno pole Str., 9670-Shabla, Bulgaria
Phone: Mobile: +359 887 30 87 53;
- Black Sea Division
Driving license: International “B” category
Marital Status: Married
Interests: Conservation & conservation ecology; birdwatching; preservation of biodiversity; environmental preservation & health, animal photography, ecotourism, composing music.


Over 20 Scientific articles in Bulgaria and Europe.
Country correspondent for Bulgaria for the 3rd and 4th Volumes - Cramp, S. & Simmons, K.E.L. (eds) 1983-86. The Birds of the Western Palearctic. Oxford.

Membership in Non-profit Organizations:

1992 - Le Balkan-France society – founding member and first President,
1992 – BSPB, member,
1995 - Le Balkan-Bulgaria Foundation – founding member and President,
1997 – Bulgarian Ornithological Society, member,
1997 - “Bulgarian Nature Conservancy – Dobrudja” - founding member,
1995 - CEEP (Conservatoire Etude et Ecosystemes de Provence) member,
1995 - LRBPO – member,
1995 - “Association des Amis du Parc Naturel de la Corse », member,
1995 – NOS OISEAUX, member,
1999 - Société Nationale pour la Protection de la Nature, member.


C. Crepin – World Bank,
R. Gouin – FFEM (French GEF)
M. Bigan - French Ministry of ecology and sustainable development,
M. Michaylov – Ministry of environment and water (BG),
G. Handrinos – Greek Ministry of Agriculture,
E. Iddle, C. Lefebvre – EUROSITE,
D. Beguin, B. Mounnier, M. Delmas - “Espaces Naturels de France”,
P. Bazin - Conservatoire du Littoral (France),
M. Maurry, O. Patrimonio - ECOSPHERE / LIFE-Nature projects (Paris),
P. Beaubrun - EPHE / Montpellier, President of “Le Balkan-France”,
M. Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Prime Minister of R. of Bulgaria (2002-2005)
T. Salathé - Regional Coordinator for Europe / Ramsar convention,
Dr L. Hoffmann, J. P. Tarris, A. Crivelli, Ch. Perennou – Biologique Station « Tour du Valat » (Fr),
A. Bardi, A. Canu, P. Pelusi - WWF-Italy,
Dr. P. Beron, N. Spassov – National Natural History Museum (Sofia),
Guy Jarry - National Natural History Museum (Paris),
J.C. Génot - Parc des Vosges (France),
J. Mooij – Biological Station « Kreis Wesel » (D),
N. Chipev, T. Michev – CLGE (Institut of Ecology –Sofia),
S. Blangy – SECA (France),
Ch. Leservoisier – Atalanta (F),
E. Melchior, P. Lorgé – LNVL (Lëtzebuerger Natur - a Vulleschutzliga),
R. Arnhem, J. Rodts - Ligue Royale Belge pour la Protection des Oiseaux,
M. Terrasse – LPO/FIR (Fr),
N. Spassov, B. Mihova, K. Georgiev – Wilderness Fund


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