Wintering geese rescue

Today, 22nd January 2010, members of Branta Tours and Le Balkan-Bulgaria Foundation observed a group of starving and freezing white-fronted and red-breasted geese, just 15 metres from the Branta Birding Lodge overlooking Durankulak Lake. Due to the hard weather conditions and extensive snow cover, the geese cannot access the winter wheat which is their main food resource in the region. Many geese actually feed close to roads where the snow cover is not so high, but unfortunately the freezing birds are very easy to approach and hunters take advantage of these circumstances to kill them from very short range (10-20 metres). Given the situation, we decided to start feeding the geese around the Branta Lodge, which is the only secure and hunter-free place in the whole area. We attach some pictures to illustrate the current conditions. If you join our tours you will help to protect the wintering Red-breasted Geese.

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