Another uncommon highlight reported from Bulgaria.

Today, 30 April 2013 for the second time this spring I found another mega originated from Asia Minor. Indeed, during a routine birding tour along the North Black Sea coast of Bulgaria I discovered an adult Red-fronted Serin (Serinus pussilus)in the strange company of a male Siskin, both foraging for seeds of flowers on the western cliffs of Cape Kaliakra.
We can conjecture that this unusual Asiatic visitor may have been caught up in some turbulence or stormy weather that has possibly diverted him to Europe. On the other hand, could this phenomenon be the result of climate change leading to the expansion of the range of more and more South-Eastern mouth-watering species ready to breed somewhere in "our" mountains? To the best of my knowledge this observation is the second in Bulgaria for this excuisite Caucasian serin.
Photo by Pavel Simeonov (Bed & Birding)

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