Branta-Tours rescue action On July 10th 2009 a lightning strike has affected a nest of White Stork at Durankulak.
This nest has been here for many years.
The nest, containing three nestlings, was built on electric power pole located approximately a kilometer or so from the Branta Birding Lodge.
Unfortunately, one of the nestlings was killed by the lightning strike, the other was flying away and the third one was found out of the nest and rescued thanks to the joint efforts of Branta-Tours Birdwatching Company, the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and the regional subdivisions of Fire Department and Power-Supply network.

First hand evidence of the lightning strike

The rescued nestling was chilled and wet because of torrential rain and not too high temperature.
It has been transferred to the Regional Wildlife Rescue Center at the City of Dobrich, whose mission is to rehabilitate and release injured, abandoned or sick native wildlife.
The chick is expected to be released in the area at the end of July.
Chances are the bird's parents will still care for it if we can get it back up near its nest.

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