First documented record for two Pink-footed Geese

North Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

During a traditional goose survey near Lake Durankulak, at the Northern Part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast on the 13th of February 2009, 10:30 h, we made a short stop at the main road E-87, not far from the Branta Birding Lodge, after we sighted a group of 400 Greater White-fronted Geese foraging at a cereal field. The weather was cold and sunny (c. +1 °C)
Suddenly Ivaylo Ivanov observed a goose that differed from the Greater White-fronted Geese. Subsequently the bird was also observed by Anna Staneva, Viktor Vasilev, Valentin Katrandjiev and Pavel Simeonov, at a distance of about 150 meters, with the sun in the back and by means of Telescopes "Swarovski" ATS 80 HD 20x60 and AT 80, 20x60.
We took the time to observe the bird (about one hour) and recorded that the size was comparable to the Greater White-fronted geese, but that the legs were pink, the neck shorter, the wings and the back cinereous or light-grey, the bill rather short and dark with a light-coloured transverse blur.
All observers agreed that without any doubt they observed an adult Pink-footed Goose (Anser brachyrhynchus) and just a few minutes later only a number of meters from the first one a second bird of this new species for Bulgaria was observed.